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Kenwood - TS-990S

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Kenwood TS-990S Brochure(pdf)

Product background and features:

The debut of the TS-900 in 1973 established the magnificent tradition of KENWOOD flagship HF transceivers, designed for DX'ers with exacting requirements for long-range high-performance Amateur Radio communications. Successor series have been the TS-930, TS-940, and TS-950. Continuing this tradition, the new TS-990 is equipped with dual receivers to enable simultaneous reception on two different bands. The main receiver employs full down conversion and features a new mixer and narrow-band roofing filters, resulting in a third-order intercept point of +40dBm; this represents the highest level of RX performance. Also equipped are triple 32-bit floating point DSPs and an original IF AGC circuit featuring leading-edge DSP technology. Advanced KENWOOD technologies deliver the top-end RX performance that DX'ers are looking for in an HF transceiver. Moreover, 50V MOSFETs are used for the final amp, ensuring stable high-output operation with minimal distortion, even at 200W RF output power. All this and more: the world's first* dual TFT display - with a band scope, audio scope, and S meter - offers enhanced visibility and operating ease.

Heres a video of the first TS-990S being unboxed at the store:


HF/50MHz Transceiver.
  • Power: 200 watts
  • Dual TFT Display
  • Dual receiver
  • Built-in Antenna Tuner
  • Built-in Switching Power Supply
  • Dedicated DSP's installed in bandscope, main and sub receivers

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Extended TX Modification

Allows the radio to transmit just outside the amateur radio bands. It is the responsibilty of the radio operator to make sure they are in compliance of FCC regulations. This modification if performed by Associated Radio does not void your 1 year manufacturers warranty but it does not include any damage caused by transmitting to far out of its intended frequency range, power or usage.




Desk Microphone with UP/Down button. (8 pin)




External Speaker.



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