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Princeton Antennas - 20-W2RPC

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Princeton Antennas



Classic Delta loop optimized by W2RPC to cover the frequency of resonance as well as harmonically related bands. The antenna is designed to be installed vertically. The 'flat top' portion is 30 feet across and the 2 delta legs drop down to meet at a 4:1 balun approximately 9 feet below the flat top. The antenna can installed with the flat top horizontal or as a slopper with one end tied to a mast, tree or tall structure. When installed 1/4 wavelength or higher above the ground, most internal antenna tuners will match to this on 20, 15, 10 and 6 meters. The WARC bands can be easily matched with a quality external automatic antenna tuner. Constructed with #14 black jacketed FLEX-WEAVE antenna wire and SS hardware for long life.


Princeton Antennas
20M-6M Delta Loop
  • 30' flat top
  • 9' drop to feed point
  • #14 black jacketed antenna wire
  • 300 watts PEP max

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